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Our Mission

Found Stages creates original plays for nontraditional spaces.

Our Vision

We like stories that give people a reason to get off the couch and leave the house. We like plays that aren’t complete till the audience gets there. We like artists who like the outdoors, coffee shops, warehouses, art galleries, and living rooms, and can imagine stories being told in those spaces. We like audiences who ask questions and take chances. We like shared meals and shared experiences. We like theater that brings all these things together in one place.


 Since 2014, Found Stages has partnered with Atlanta-area organizations to create immersive and site-specific plays for a wide range of audiences – some experiencing theater for the first time. Found Stages’ work has been showcased as part of the Alliance Theatre Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab (2016), 7 Stages’ Curious Encounters (2015), Little Five Arts Alive festival in Little Five Points (2016 and 2017) and at Dunwoody Nature Center (2014). Our artists work professionally at theaters and cultural and educational institutions all across Atlanta, including the Atlanta History Center and Georgia State University-Dunwoody Campus.