Wine & Reading Series

On the second Sunday of each month, May through October, a new original play will be unveiled amid the relaxing backdrop of beautiful Dunwoody Nature Center. Each play was written by a nationally known writer who calls Atlanta home. Enjoy complimentary wine and appetizers as Atlanta’s talented professional actors bring the play’s characters to life. You’ll be given your own creative license to imagine the look, feel and sounds that make up the setting of the story.

Each event will start and end with a reception, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the play’s writer, director and actors. Be sure to leave time in your visit to explore the grounds of the Nature Center!

Second Sundays at 2:00 PM ~ Original Plays by Atlanta Writers

MAY 12 ~ Lee Osorio
JUN 9 ~ Edith Freni
JUL 14 ~ Mark Kendall
AUG 11 ~ Lee Nowell
SEP 8 ~ Margaret Baldwin
OCT 13 ~ Danielle Deadwyler
(All events run from 2pm-4pm inside the North Woods Pavilion at Dunwoody Nature Center.)
Coming Up

And Cauldron Bubble

King James is in a quandary. He sits on the throne of England, but he doesn’t technically have the right to rule. Coupled with that is his constant feeling that witches are out to get him. In order to keep the throne, he needs to invent a lie that justifies his right to rule. King James commissions Shakespeare to write a propaganda play that will rewrite his own ancestry. Meanwhile, witches abound in Scotland, England, Ireland, and the newly formed American colonies, and King James can’t kill them quickly enough to feel safe. Based entirely on historical fact, this is the reason Shakespeare wrote Macbeth.

Sunday Morning 2 Men Cooking

(A play about God and cooking.) Two men, Little Buck and Big Silver, in a bare and broken-down kitchen in the South make a feast to honor the memory of their beloved matriarch, Granny Lippy, whose motto: If you can read, you can cook inspires their feast. Their preparations veer from ecstatic praise to dangerous ground when Little Buck starts to question the ritual. His challenge invokes Big Silver’s wrath and threatens to destroy their world order, until a surprise visitor brings hope for mercy.


A young couple unravels the challenges of their premature marriage, in a poetic excavation of time, family, and loyalty. Equal parts performance art and domestic drama…Where do the origins of collapsing love lie? And what emerges after a Rip?

2019 Series

Diversity Now!

By Mark Kendall


By Lee Osorio

The Hystericals

By Edith Freni

2018 Series

She Calls Up the Sun

By Addae Moon

General Gabler’s Daughter

By Annie Harrison Elliott

The Year Without Summer

By Neeley Gossett

He Sees the Field / He Wants to Run

By Jiréh Breon Holder

Heart Chakra Block

By Gabrielle Fulton

Kamikaze Drug Lords of the Sunbelt

By Phillip DePoy