Ever wish you could live out a Shakespearean play in real life? Well, now's your chance!

This modern Much Ado casts you as best friend to Beatrice, Benedick and Hero. Get the inside scoop directly from the sources of the drama!

This text-message experience is like Gossip Girl meets your best-friend text-chain rolled into an immersive theatrical world.

Pricing Options

We could all use more joy in our lives right now! Because of that, we're offering this experience on a sliding scale. Choose your own pricing option below. You'll receive the same custom-made text-play experience no matter which you choose. If you have the means, please consider the Pay It Forward option to help us continue providing this experience at free and subsidized rates for those who need it.

Pay It Forward: $32
Full Price: $16
Subsidized: $8

This text-message-play experience was created by:

Neeley Gossett, Playwright

Nichole Palmietto, Producer

Christopher Fairchild, Graphic Designer

Josh Akeman, Software Engineer

This project was made possible thanks to the City of Atlanta's Power2Give campaign, and the generous support of the following donors:

Emika Abe

Helen Baker

Rona Baker

Paul Boshears

Amy Carter

Christine Tryba-Cofrin & David Cofrin

Kathy Dolan

Joey Florez

Alison Hudson Harrell

Seth Koslov

Amy Levin

Stephanie McFarlane

Bettyann Van Metter